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New Beginnings

Tallulah_logo_web_300x150-01 Well a mahoosive Hello from my new and beautiful website. I absolutely LOVE it and am very excited to share my lovely pretty site with you!! For the past year I have tried (without success) to build my own site - and although I did build my very first website I just didn't have the time and knowledge to move it to the next level! So enters the scene - Lizzy Cleverdon, who is indeed a very clever lady that can not only build very preeeety websites but is also a photographer and stationer. Such a clever little lady and so lovely with it. So if you are looking for a wedding invitation that is beautiful and unique or a wedding photographer that will capture your day in a perfect way or a business that needs a new logo or website then I can definitely recommend Lizzy. Lizzy's latest website.... lizzy website   and some more examples of Lizzy's gorgeous work Frances Taylor Wedding Photographer_The little wedding helper_12 Cleaver-278 Festival photo shoot by Lizzy May http://www.lizzy-may.co.uk/ Cleaver-322


  and finally Lizzy's own website. Drop Liz a line - she is one lovely lady xx lizzy website

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